1. Any authorized and/or Participating Norstar or Iron Bull dealer who makes a (Qualified purchase) on (Qualified Products) between Friday, November 29, 2019 and Friday, December 6, 2019 (Qualified Sales Period) From Norstar Company LLC is entitled to a refund in the amount of the full purchase price, excluding any applicable sales tax or delivery/freight charges, in the event that the newly fallen Snow/Total accumulation of one (1) inch or more occurs (Snow Event) at the Norstar Plant located at 5500 FM 38N Brookston, Texas 75421 (Designated Location) on December 25, 2019 (Snow Date) between the Hours of 12:00AM and 11:59PM. (24 hours) This is for Snow, Other precipitation forms are excluded. Rain, Sleet, Ice and other forms of precipitation are excluded from this promotion. To Qualify, Purchase must be made online at www.norstardealers.com, By Phone or directly in Person

2. (Qualified Purchase) Only new Norstar Truck Beds, Norstar Trailers and Iron Bull Trailers will be allowed as (Qualified Products) If you make a qualified order the entire order will count as a qualified purchase and could potentially be refunded if the (Snow Event) occurs less any freight or applicable sales tax. The Qualified order must be a new Order placed during the (Qualified Sales Period) and must ship on or before December 13th 2019

3. Participants must be 18 years or older, a current Norstar or Iron Bull dealer in good standing (Qualified Customer).

4. All purchases made during the Qualified Sales Period are final. No returns, exchanges or cancellations are permitted after December 13, 2019.

5. Individuals who have made a purchase during the Qualified Sales Period must PAY IN FULL Or have us funded through Wells Fargo or Northpoint by December 13, 2019 in order to be eligible to receive a refund as a Qualified Customer.

6. The Snow Event (one inch or more of newly fallen snow) will be measured by Athenium Analytics at the Norstar Factory at 5500 FM 38 N, Brookston Tx 75421. The official report by Athenium Analytics will be the sole and exclusive weather data relied upon in verifying snow accumulation and whether refunds are to be made. Its determination is final.

7. Please be advised that Norstar will not be in a position to confirm that the Snow Event occurred until a minimum of fourteen (14) business days after the Snow Date.

8. In the event the Snow Event is met as defined in Rule #1 above, refunds will ONLY be made to Qualified Customers who agree to complete and sign the Sales Promotion Rules.

9. In the event the Snow Event is met as defined in Rule #1 above, please be advised that it may take up to sixty (60) days after the weather recording date to receive your refund.

10. No purchase necessary to enter. One entry, submitted between November 29th, 2019 and December 14th, 2019 will be randomly selected to participate as a Qualified Customer. To Submit an entry we must receive your Name, address, phone number and email address by December 13, 2019 On a hard copy, 3X5 Paper would work. No electronic submissions will be allowed. Mail it in to Norstar. In the event that the Snow Event is met, as defined in Rule #1 above, the selected Qualified Customer will be awarded a monetary prize in the amount of one hundred Dollars ($100). Only one entry of this type per person per promotion period. Mail To Norstar Snow Promo, Attn Richard Lenoir, 5500 FM 38N, Brookston Tx, 75421

11. The following purchases are not eligible for a refund: purchases made outside of the Qualified Sales Period or purchases that can not be shipped before December 13, 2019

12. Norstar Company reserves the right to stop this promotion at any time, without notice, and honor those purchases made prior to the cancellation of the promotion.

13. Employees of Norstar and their suppliers are not eligible to participate in the Sales Promotion.

14. Void where prohibited by law.

15. In Order to receive a refund, the following procedure must be strictly followed:

  • The original sales receipt or invoice must be presented along with a form of picture Identification at the time a refund is requested.

16. Refunds will be given only to the original purchaser. All refunds must be claimed by January 25, 2019. Claims after that date will be void and not honored or granted.

17. If for any reason the refund procedure is not followed, a refund will not be granted.

18. Purchases made outside of the Qualified sales period and all sales tax and delivery charges are not eligible for a refund.

19. If an Item is returned for refund, credit, or exchange the transaction will not qualify for this promotion.

20. Special Order items do not qualify for this promotion.

21. Norstar Reserves the right to change any or all rules at any time during this promotion period without notice.

22. Promotion is for dealer reimbursement only. Norstar will not directly reimburse end users.

23. Let it Snow.

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